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Who We Are ...

Women's Coalition in Zimbabwe

The objectives of the Women’s Coalition are:
  • To provide a focal point for joint activism at macro level on topical and crosscutting issues affecting women.
  • To mobilize women to support identified issues and to ensure that the woman and girl child question remains central to the national agenda
  • To coordinate the participation of women in the activities of the Coalition
  • To bring women from diverse backgrounds to advocate for the attainment and enjoyment of their rights
  • To bring women from all walks of life to speak with one voice
  • To build the capacity of women’s rights activists to articulate the demands of women
  • To facilitate the sharing of information amongst members and disseminate information on human rights to the communities
  • To form strategic alliances locally, regionally and internationally for the furtherance of its objectives
  • To carryout field and desk research on issues affecting women in order to develop and build on theories with a view to enhance the coalition’s efforts in promoting the rights of women
  • To mobilize and manage resources on behalf of Coalition members
  • To monitor and evaluate programmes that are funded through resources raised by coalition.

The WCoZ is a network of women rights activists and women’s organizations with national structures. The WCoZ is a forum where women meet to engage in collective activism on issues affecting women and girls in Zimbabwe. Its central role is to provide a focal point for activism on women and girl’s rights. WCoZ brings females from diverse backgrounds to collectively advocate for the attainment and enjoyment of their rights.

The organisational members of the Coalition work in diverse fields including health, legal aid, access to education, gender based violence, torture, skills training, poverty reduction, research, property rights and governance issues. The Coalition has chapters in Bulawayo, Masvingo, Beitbridge, Kariba, Gweru, Gwanda, Bindura, Marondera and Mutare.

1.1 Goal: To achieve gender equity and equality through the creation of space for women and girls to collectively initiate and participate in strategies and actions that lead to their empowerment.

1.2 Mission: A coordinated network for the empowerment of women and girls through lobbying and advocacy, capacity building, information dissemination and resource mobilization.

1.3 Vision: A society where women and girls’ rights are respected.

The goal of the Coalition shall be to achieve gender equity through the creation of a forum and space for women to meet in solidarity, for the initiation of and participation in strategies and actions for collective lobbying and advocacy, information sharing, monitoring and evaluation of women’s achievements.

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