Mar 22, 2018 Last Updated 7:25 AM, Jan 19, 2018

Media Campaign on the Constitution Making Process

WCoZ is conducting an extensive media campaign in both the print and broadcast media on women and constitution making. WCoZ developed statements and adverts which were placed in the media for wider outreach.

The Stand up and Draft your Constitution Campaign was a media blitz which included the television talk show – Mai Chisamba; a platform which airs in vernacular. The talk show was to raise awareness on women and the constitution. Five radio programmed on the women’s minimum demands in the constitution making process were aired to educate society of the need for women’s contribution to the constitutional debate.

The campaign has popularized and marketed issues of women and constitution making process. These have included the need for women to participate effectively in the process and the women’s minimum demands.

The successes of the campaign have been evidenced by the increased knowledge on the constitution review process by women throughout the country especially by women throughout the country including the rural areas. The information and publicity initiatives have increased visibility of the women’s movement and the women’s role in the development discourse.