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Call for Participation: Mapping Women’s Rights Work and Support

Deadline: 26 January 2017

About WCoZ

The WCoZ is a network of women’s rights activists and women’s rights organizations In Zimbabwe with national structures. The WCoZ is a forum where women meet and engage in collective activism on issues affecting women and girls in Zimbabwe. Its central role is to provide a focal point for activism on women’s and girl’s rights. WCoZ brings women from diverse backgrounds to collectively advocate for the attainment and enjoyment of their rights. The organisational members of the Coalition work in diverse fields including health, legal aid, access to education, gender based violence, economic empowerment, media, climate and environment, peace building and politics and decision making

Background to the Survey

WCoZ in partnership with African Women’s Development Fund, WCoZ is implementing a Women’s Rights Advocacy Campaign to facilitate provincial and national platforms for periodic interface of women’s rights organisations, other civil society actors, duty bearers and donor agencies to engage in collective learning, reflection and action to strengthen and collectively sustain initiatives to advance women’s rights, equality and non-discrimination in Zimbabwe.

Tasks under this survey
WCoZ is seeking contributions from women’s rights organisations and  civil society actors working on women’s rights, development and funding agencies support to women’s rights work in Zimbabwe. If interested please email us at: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will send back the mapping tools– please put “Mapping Women’s Rights Work and Support” in the Subject Line of your email. Alternatively click here to take the survey.

This is a mapping exercise commissioned by the WcoZ in order to establish as a collective where we stand in terms of capacity, funding and establish current challenges. This exercise is meant to establish a collective view therefore no organisation will be named in the report.

SHDF addresses the burden of unpaid care work in Murehwa

On the 26th of October, SHDF hosted a stakeholders meeting on “Unequal unpaid care work in Murehwa. The discussion brought together various stakeholders from media, community leaders, central and local governments, women's groups and male advocates to address the issue of unpaid care work and its implications on gender equality. Munyaradzi Nhengo, from Padare, Men’s Forum on Gender attributed the unequal distribution of labor to stereotypes and gender norms. He stressed the need to Influence perspectives on gender roles. Sally Ncube, National Coordinator for Women’s Coalition also called for the reduction and redistribution of women’s unequal workload highlighting this as a barrier to women’s full enjoyment of their human rights. SHDF on the other hand stressed the importance of investing in women so that they participate in market-related activities or investing in their educational and vocational skills. The meeting concluded with emphasizing the need to strengthen multi-stakeholder alliances and partnerships to campaign around unpaid care work. Involvement of media and use of social media and mobile technology to expand outreach.

Women Call for Peace: Let’s Build Blocks for Peace

Women Call for Peace: Let’s Build Blocks for Peace 

Reflecting on the significance of the International Day of Peace, (21 September, 2016) the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ), representative of women’s rights organizations and activists, calls on all State actors, political parties, social movements and citizens to take action and use non-violent methods of engagement in our communities to build and maintain peace in Zimbabwe. Readmore