Mar 22, 2018 Last Updated 7:25 AM, Jan 19, 2018

SHDF addresses the burden of unpaid care work in Murehwa

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On the 26th of October, SHDF hosted a stakeholders meeting on “Unequal unpaid care work in Murehwa. The discussion brought together various stakeholders from media, community leaders, central and local governments, women's groups and male advocates to address the issue of unpaid care work and its implications on gender equality. Munyaradzi Nhengo, from Padare, Men’s Forum on Gender attributed the unequal distribution of labor to stereotypes and gender norms. He stressed the need to Influence perspectives on gender roles. Sally Ncube, National Coordinator for Women’s Coalition also called for the reduction and redistribution of women’s unequal workload highlighting this as a barrier to women’s full enjoyment of their human rights. SHDF on the other hand stressed the importance of investing in women so that they participate in market-related activities or investing in their educational and vocational skills. The meeting concluded with emphasizing the need to strengthen multi-stakeholder alliances and partnerships to campaign around unpaid care work. Involvement of media and use of social media and mobile technology to expand outreach.